Sunday, May 18, 2014

My father is dying

My father is dying.
I am moving to my parent's home to look after my mother.
There is no internet at my parents home, so I may be offline for a long time.
Quantum Products will continue to run while I'm offline.
Take care of each other while I am gone.
Luv y'all. xo

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stock Take Sale - 33% OFF QHUD

Stock Take Sale - 33% OFF QHUD

Save 33% on the price of QHUD by purchasing it from MarketPlace before the end of the month!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Australia Adds R18

For years now there has been a risk that SecondLife will be blocked by the Australian Government's planned internet censorship.

In short: Australia dosnt have a R18+ video game rating, with the highest current rating being MA15+. This would mean any censorship of the internet would have to block SecondLife because it has R18+ content and Australia dosnt permit R18+ video games.

Today the Federal Parliament of Australia passed legislation to create an R18+ video game clsification. Effectivly making SecondLife immune to any internet censorship they may one day introduce.


Friday, March 23, 2012

Big changes to Quantum Products

As some of you may know, I became homeless over a year ago.  I have been living (couch surfing) between two locations.  My parents house in Melbourne (city) and my best friend who lives in a small country town.  I have been alternating one week in each location for more than a year now. 
When I am staying with my best friend in the small country town I don't have my computer or the internet.  This has been very bad for customer support and new product development, but that is all about to change!

Thanks to YOU GUYS, the people buying my products in secondlife, I will have a place of my own in the next two weeks.  I'll have myself, my computer, and the internet all in the one place 100% of the time.

This means you will all get faster product updates, and customer support will be back at the levels of 2007 when people thought I never slept!

Over the next two weeks as I move house there may be some disruption to the operation of some products while I move.  Please don't panic.  Things will be bigger and better very soon ;)

Darling Brody

Saturday, January 14, 2012

QHUD v5.00 Topaz Series

QHUD v5.00 Topaz Series, aka Quantum Topaz HUD, or QThud for short!

The QHUD v5.00 'Topaz Series' is a totally new product written from scratch to take advantage of all the new scripting functions that have been added since QHUD v4 was originally designed. 

QHUD v5.00 is as different from QHUD v4.00 as QHUD v4.00 was from the original Quantum Core v3.00.

QThud has a nice low script time usage of 0.022ms and less than 400k of memory usage!  My goal here was to make QThud into a HUD you can use anywhere without some 'crybaby' telling you to take it off. 

The initial release of QHUDv5 will only go to the 2,164 people who have donated using their QHUD prior to Friday the 13th of January 2012. I decided it is only fair to reward those who have supported me.

In case your wondering, those blue crystals I use in the shields are Topaz, my favourite gem stone. Thus the name Topaz Series. 

Darling Brody xo

EDIT: Corrected a decimal point error in the script time usage above. Actual raw script time is 0.0000022┬Ás, or 0.0022ms as it shows in estate time statistics.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Twitter for Support

I have now created a twitter account for customer support. 

This will be the fastest way to get help as your tweets get sent directly to my mobile phone.

Follow me to get updates on what is going on with me and Quantum Products.

Tweet @DarlingBrody if you need help and I will help you, even if I am not at home!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Real World Griefer Banned

I would like to say "thank you" to the USA for making the world safer by getting rid of that evil man.

I have nothing but admiration for those brave people who gave their life to protect us from him.