Saturday, January 14, 2012

QHUD v5.00 Topaz Series

QHUD v5.00 Topaz Series, aka Quantum Topaz HUD, or QThud for short!

The QHUD v5.00 'Topaz Series' is a totally new product written from scratch to take advantage of all the new scripting functions that have been added since QHUD v4 was originally designed. 

QHUD v5.00 is as different from QHUD v4.00 as QHUD v4.00 was from the original Quantum Core v3.00.

QThud has a nice low script time usage of 0.022ms and less than 400k of memory usage!  My goal here was to make QThud into a HUD you can use anywhere without some 'crybaby' telling you to take it off. 

The initial release of QHUDv5 will only go to the 2,164 people who have donated using their QHUD prior to Friday the 13th of January 2012. I decided it is only fair to reward those who have supported me.

In case your wondering, those blue crystals I use in the shields are Topaz, my favourite gem stone. Thus the name Topaz Series. 

Darling Brody xo

EDIT: Corrected a decimal point error in the script time usage above. Actual raw script time is 0.0000022┬Ás, or 0.0022ms as it shows in estate time statistics.


  1. Beta version will be delivered to Donators before Easter.

    Public release & upgrades will become available a month after that.

    Everyone who owns one will eventually get one.

    I want to reward the donaters for their support. Some of them have sent over $12,000 in donations over the years!

  2. NOTE: I have not released the QHUD yet. This is a news update so people know what is planned. Please stop asking where to pick up a new copy, it will be delivered to you automaticly when I release it.

  3. So you have an even MORE special place in your heart for those under the star sign whose "stone" is Topaz, eh? Nice! R/Matisse "Scorpio" Vendetta :o)

  4. By donating does it include the ones that bought QHUD?

  5. Matisse, behave yourself!

    Anonymous, There are 3 groups of people who have QHUD.

    1. People who purchased it and also donated.
    2. People who purchased it.
    3. People who stole it.

    People in group 1 will get the new HUD first. People in group 2 will get it about a month later. People in group 3 can kiss my [censored]!

  6. I paid almost 2k for this QHUD just for someone to pop inside my shield with Object,avatar and force on and say this

    [17:52] Max Islay: lol quantum
    [17:52] Max Islay: lmao I recognize that shield
    [17:52] Max Islay: lmao

    from what i see here they laughed at this product and i hope this new light version will do better.

  7. Kugal, when a griefer targets a product, it means they are scared of the product. The day they ignore Quantum is the day Quantum becomes irralavant.

  8. Kagal, you can pop inside other people's shields too using the PNPV from the SHIELD menu and the STALK command from the TELEPORT menu.
    What you cant do is kill or push someone who is using the QHUD PNPV.
    So basicly all that guy could do it make smart comments at you.

  9. I moved house so there has been a delay in the release.

  10. So, is the QTHud (Qhud 5.0) coming? I didn't find reference to it in the store or in the marketplace, anyone know about news? Thanks in advance

  11. Dont ask or you will get banned ;)