Friday, March 23, 2012

Big changes to Quantum Products

As some of you may know, I became homeless over a year ago.  I have been living (couch surfing) between two locations.  My parents house in Melbourne (city) and my best friend who lives in a small country town.  I have been alternating one week in each location for more than a year now. 
When I am staying with my best friend in the small country town I don't have my computer or the internet.  This has been very bad for customer support and new product development, but that is all about to change!

Thanks to YOU GUYS, the people buying my products in secondlife, I will have a place of my own in the next two weeks.  I'll have myself, my computer, and the internet all in the one place 100% of the time.

This means you will all get faster product updates, and customer support will be back at the levels of 2007 when people thought I never slept!

Over the next two weeks as I move house there may be some disruption to the operation of some products while I move.  Please don't panic.  Things will be bigger and better very soon ;)

Darling Brody


  1. I am happy to hear you will get your own place

  2. don't worry about us Darling , you get you're self set in you're new place ,, will be here to support what ever you do ,, hugs and good luck :)

  3. Be sure to inform us when the new version is out for general deployment. :-)

  4. OMG... over a month to get the internet connected at my new place.
    I am so far behind in my work it is not funny!

  5. Is not wiser to just get a real job? Not to be a dick about it. But your hud even with the updates? Will never sell as good i am pretty sure of. You got more then enough competition. That being said, scuse my bad grammar here. I did read most on your site.

    It is full with fiction regarding defaming as it is not a real thing. To bad for you it is read the tos on that. You ducking the bullet,because you post it outside LL servers. Do that in in-world and the will can you for 24 hours (trust me been there)

    Then the blacklist, "you will be banned of sl" pure make believe. As that will not happen over something as silly as the QHUD or any other product. That list is your own work, not that of LL the could care less about that. Just saying the obvious here..

  6. Added to that you talk about DMCA, i do not see you with your poor income and status. In a court over a virtual product.

    Wishful thinking on your behalf, DMCA's work as follow. You file, the other can counter it then rl info get's exchanged so you can sue them.

    Now a sofa surfer like you no money/income?!, mmm not likely! You need to invest in the fees of your lawsuit.