Sunday, May 18, 2014

My father is dying

My father is dying.
I am moving to my parent's home to look after my mother.
There is no internet at my parents home, so I may be offline for a long time.
Quantum Products will continue to run while I'm offline.
Take care of each other while I am gone.
Luv y'all. xo


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your father and send you my prayers.

  2. Hi Darling,

    My mother died on 5th Feb 2014, I was her only child. I hope you are getting over your sadness ok, I know it is hard. You have left some amazing things in SL. One of them (In my opinon), is the quantum core hud. It is surely a work of technological "Art". It is apparent that such artworks are at risk of disappearing forever in the ether of "The web". Please don't let this happen. Quantum is a fantastic tribute to you and your abilities. My quantum core has stopped working. I am guessing this is due to licensing site being "Down". All of the maintenance sites appear to be in a similar state. I am assuming this has happened over a period of time. Please can you have a look and see if it can be rescued. If it can and you are happy to continue putting it right, then Great! Otherwise, if you might be prefer to hand it over to someone else, I would be happy to pick it up whilst always giving you full credits as creator. Please let me know your thoughts. Best Regards, Clandestein.

  3. PS Sorry I overlooked the possibility you are still tending to your Father. If so, please accept my profound apologies and condolences.

  4. Hello Darling, wonder if you still read blogs or emails from time to time.. Wonder how the mom is doing and if well Dad is in heaven now....Also any news of coming back to Second life anytime soon